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      National High Tech Enterprises

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      Customized blister packaging production line

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      Comprehensive service and technical support

      In order to design a better blister packaging solution, Zhejiang Chengda will accompany you to complete the whole planning process until you conduct system debugging on site.

      Product quality
      Service support

      Application area

      Professional packaging through powerful technology

      CD-3450 Blister Machine
      CD-5268 Blister Machine
      Automatic intelligent production line
      includes one blister forming machine and one sealing machine
      The blister machine can work not only blister-card,but also card-blister-card packaging.Just adding one more blister forming machine.
      CD-3450 全自動泡罩包裝機
      More flexibility in complex grouping
      Ensure that each product is heated sufficiently and shorten the single sealing time
      large forming and sealing area.It has wide range of applications,suitable for large batches production.
      CD-5268 全自動泡罩包裝機

      ABOUT US


      Zhejiang Chengda Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Previous name:Ruian Chengda Machinery Co.,Ltd.) established in the year of 2009 with employees of 50 and official production area about 4000 m2?.In 2019,listed on the growth board of Zhejiang Stock Market. Referred to as Chengda Stock,company code:803952.Since the company establishment,we focus on the development and the production of the automatic blister packaging machine and custom automation equipment.In the serials of the blister machine,there are varies models for choosing to meet different packaging requirements. Read more



      We are looking for intelligent people who want to make a positive impact on our lives. If it is you, please visit our recruitment page or send us a cover letter resume。
      Please send your resume to: cd@cd-cn.com

      Join us Our Team

      Comprehensive and modular service product portfolio.
      Do you encounter the following problems?

      • 自動化流水線生產I don't know how to realize automatic production line for factory equipment?
      • 產品質量The quality of products is unstable and often breaks down?
      • 技術能力If the technology is not up to standard, the production efficiency will be affected?
      • 售后服務After sales service response is slow, follow-up is not in place, experience is poor?

      CHENGDA - Automation solution provider


      Customized scheme

      Provide innovative automated packaging solutions.


      Application area

      In daily use, medicine, stationery, hardware and other industries are widely used.


      Technical team

      With professional packaging equipment technical team.


      Intimate service

      Provide refined and efficient after-sales service.

      Free access scheme

      We understand your requirements for the machine, please fill in your name, email, contact number, will send our company in line with your program.

      THE NEWS

      News & Exhibitions


      Why is Chengda different

      It provides a series of automatic packaging equipment for the plastic hanging card packaging industry, such as ZDP series full-automatic paper and plastic box loading machine, as well as blister forming, blanking and paper card heat sealing, ending the traditional single machine operation production mode.

      • Own production plant
      • Independent property rights
      • Customized solutions
      • Advanced production equipment
      • Strong after sales service ability
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